Exercise for Wellbeing

How to look after your mental wellbeing using exercise
Did you know that being physically active...
What is physical activity? How can physical activity help my mental health?
What activities are available for me locally? Picture of Dr Schryer, Dr Sheppard, Dr Lam


A special thank you to student doctor Chloe Vijayasurej for designing and creating this leaflet for our Practice.

Thank you also to Dr Schryer, Dr Sheppard and Dr Lam for agreeing to share their photos on how they keep fit in their own time.


The above leaflet is available to download in pdf format and in 3 different colours for Dementia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder friendly versions.


Exercise for Wellbeing Dementia friendly version.pdf

Exercise for Wellbeing ASD friendly version BLUE.pdf

Exercise for Wellbeing ASD friendly version YELLOW.pdf